Elevate Your Casino Experience with MISCO's Premium Audio Solutions

As a leading provider of advanced custom audio systems for the casino and gaming sectors, MISCO has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry with our immersive soundscapes. Our unmatched expertise in casino sound system installation and crafting personalized sound profiles distinguishes us from the competition and allows us to provide an unparalleled gaming experience that captivates players and significantly extends their engagement time.

Tailored Sound for Every Gaming Environment

MISCO understands that every gaming environment has its own unique sound profile. That's why we offer personalized audio solutions tailored to the specific needs of the casino industry. Whether it's the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling casino floor or the immersive ambiance of an exclusive gaming lounge, our systems, including high-end casino speakers and gaming lounge sound solutions, are meticulously designed to deliver optimal performance and enhance the gaming experience.

Custom Audio Solutions for Your Gaming Needs

At MISCO, we understand that every casino has its own distinct theme and requirements. That's why we offer a spectrum of audio solutions, from individual high-performance speakers to comprehensive audio systems that envelop your space in rich, clear sound. Our advanced features include personalized frequency responses and flexible manufacturing options, ensuring the highest standards of casino audio engineering and dependability.

Transform Your Gaming Space with MISCO

Our array of audio solutions, incorporating the latest in gaming audio technology, is designed to transform your gaming space into an unforgettable acoustic experience for your brand and patrons. With MISCO's expertise in casino sound design and advanced gaming audio systems, you can rest assured that your patrons will enjoy an immersive casino sound experience like no other. Elevate your gaming environment with superior sound quality and reliability that only MISCO can provide, setting a new standard in casino audio customization.

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Check out how MISCO's tailored audio systems revolutionize the casino experience. Download our case study to learn about our turnkey solutions and reliable performance that impressed leading casino chains.



Explore MISCO's turnkey audio systems on our product page, which are specifically designed for casino gaming machines. These ready-to-integrate solutions offer superior sound performance, ensuring an immersive gaming experience that keeps players engaged and entertained.


Specifically designed for casino environments, this speaker delivers clear and reliable sound, which is ideal for voice communication, casino cabinets, and kiosks. Its dual neodymium magnet and compact steel frame facilitate easy installation and consistent performance, making it a top choice for casino sound system integration.

  • Wide Range Speaker
  • 2” x 3.5” (50 mm x 90 mm) basket diameter
  • 9 watts, 8 ohms, 88 dB SPL 
  • Dual neodymium magnet, stamped steel frame
  • Paper cone, polarized terminals

This 2.1-channel amplifier provides robust sound pressure levels with up to 32W for the low-frequency output and 15W for each high-frequency output. Compatible with various power supply voltages, it can integrate seamlessly with existing systems or an external MISCO power supply. Featuring Class D operation for cool, reliable performance and an integrated DSP, this amplifier offers maximum sound control, perfect for advanced gaming audio systems.

  • Enclosed satellite speakers
  • 50mm aluminum cone speaker
  • 24mm tweeter
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Black ABS plastic enclosure, 3" x 3" x 4"
  • 0.5 lbs

Compact and easy to install, this speaker delivers high-intelligibility sound across a wide frequency range. It's specially designed for gaming systems, enhancing every audio detail to elevate the player's experience to an immersive gaming atmosphere.

  • 2.1 channel or two-channel operation
  • Up to 62W total power output
  • Cool running, reliable Class D operation
  • Integrated DSP for maximum sound control 
Turnkey audio system for casino gaming consoles including speakers amplifier subwoofer and wiring harness MISCO model TK-201

2.1 Channel Amplified Audio System with Mini-Subwoofer

MISCO Part # TK-201

This system is ideal for applications needing full-range sound in a compact form, like gaming consoles, kiosks, and digital signage. Our most cost-effective solution with a woofer integrates the amplifier within the woofer enclosure for easy mounting and compatibility with 12V – 24V power supplies.

By ensuring that the right amplifier pairs with suitable speakers, MISCO eliminates the guesswork, providing you with an optimal sound system without the risk of subpar audio performance.

Enhance Your Casino's Audio Experience with MISCO

Experience the improved sound quality at your gaming establishment with our high-quality audio systems. You can choose from our pre-made products or request a customized solution that suits your unique needs. Contact us today to explore how our custom audio solutions can transform your casino's auditory landscape.

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