MISCO provides a range of speaker solutions that combine technical excellence and artistic flair to create acoustical paradises for homes, offering both standard designs and custom build-to-spec options.

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Pioneering Precision and Luxury in Sound

At MISCO, we specialize in loudspeakers for high-end home audio systems and luxury home theater systems, creating immersive soundscapes for audiophiles who demand unparalleled audio experiences. Our cutting-edge audio solutions, featuring advanced full-range subwoofers and mid-woofers, are renowned for their exceptional performance and steadfast consistency.

Key Highlights:

  • Our meticulous Klippel optimization process assures flawless sound quality across our range of custom audiophile speakers.
  • We offer flexible manufacturing options coupled with steadfast protection of your intellectual property.
  • The RMS One speakers, born from our partnership with Concierge Audio, demonstrate our expertise in creating luxurious, precision-engineered audio solutions.
MISCO specializes in high-end loudspeakers for audiophiles and luxury home theater systems, with the RMS One speakers showcasing their precision-engineered expertise.
MISCO offers a range of standard and custom build-to-spec speaker solutions, designed to transform homes into acoustical paradises.

Our Range:

Choose from our selection of standard designs or collaborate with us to create custom build-to-spec or build-to-print solutions. Each MISCO creation is a masterpiece of technical excellence and artistic flair, engineered to transform each speaker's home into an acoustical paradise.

US-Based Innovation:

Proudly manufactured in the USA, MISCO guarantees premium quality and clear communication. Our Kanban stocking and extensive inventory promote seamless production, ensuring the durability and reliability of our advanced midbass woofer technology products.

Concierge Audio's RMS One, powered by custom-designed woofers from MISCO, is revolutionizing the luxury speaker sales game

Case Study:

Learn how Concierge Audio is changing the game of selling luxury speakers with the new RMS One, driven by MISCO's custom-designed woofers.


Experience the Extraordinary:

Partner with MISCO for custom home audio and theater systems that resonate with sophistication and high-fidelity sound. Contact us to embark on a journey of extraordinary audio experiences tailored to your business needs.

Featured Products

The Neo-Classic BDT-2901 (78036) tweeter is the answer to requests from audio engineers and audiophiles for a precision 29mm dome tweeter with a low cross-over point. Ideal for use in a two-way system paired with a 6.5-inch or 8-inch woofer. A large rear chamber and damped center core combine with inductance-reducing copper caps to provide one of the broadest frequency ranges available in a soft dome tweeter: 1000 – 25,000 Hz. The unique T-Pole design is coupled with a tapered front plate to concentrate gap flux and increase BL. Designed by transducer engineers with decades of experience and built by highly skilled manufacturing personnel, this is the only dome tweeter in the market that is designed and assembled in the USA and fully Klippel Verified.

  • High energy neodymium ring magnet for high sensitivity in dual woofer designs
  • Copper pole cap for low inductance and extended high frequency
  • Large rear chamber for low resonance and lower cross-over point
  • 29mm silk dome diaphragm by Kurt Mueller
  • 8 ohms, 91 dB SPL
  • Designed and assembled in the USA

This 4-inch midbass woofer is perfect for a wide variety of high-end audio systems, whether a 2-way bookshelf speaker, a multi-driver floor standing speaker, or a professional line array. A rigid but lightweight carbon fiber cone and an edge-wound copper voice coil combine for excellent transient response and an extended and controlled upper roll-off. The frame is heavy-duty, aluminum die cast with venting below the flat spider and through the center of the magnet structure to avoid air turbulence and noise. This is a premium, well-crafted speaker designed to bring music to life.

  • Lightweight, rigid carbon fiber cone with rubber surround
  • 2.6 mm, Klippel verified minimum Xmax
  • Vented, square-cast aluminum basket
  • 1-inch voice coil, edge-wound copper on Kapton form
  • Wide frequency range, 60 to 12kHz
  • 0.9 kg, (2.1 lb) net weight

This Oaktron woofer was designed for high-quality home audio music systems and is a great solution for bookshelf design systems. This 5.25-inch driver includes a 20-ferrite magnet, a stiff polypropylene cone, a 1-inch aluminum voice coil, and a lightweight aluminum basket to make a powerful speaker that's easy to install.

  • Woofer
  • 5.25 inch (133 mm) basket diameter
  • 50 watts, 4 ohm, 87 dB SPL
  • 1-inch aluminum voice coil, polyimide film former
  • Large ferrite magnet cast aluminum basket
  • Polypropylene cone, molded NBR surround

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