Pioneering Audio Excellence for Industry Leaders

MISCO is a leading audio solutions provider based in the USA. With a legacy spanning over 75 years, we have become the preferred choice for various sectors, including aerospace, gaming, home audio, military, and professional industries. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is unmatched, and we take pride in delivering top-notch audio solutions to our clients.

Here are some reasons why industry pioneers choose MISCO:

  • Unmatched Performance:

    Experience unparalleled audio performance with our advanced analog and digital amplification, enhanced by cutting-edge DSP technology.
  • Ready-to-Deploy Solutions:

    We offer a wide range of speaker solutions readily available for immediate integration. Our comprehensive inventory ensures that you can find the perfect solution to meet your needs.
  • Premier Testing Facility:

    Take advantage of North America’s leading independent loudspeaker test and measurement lab’s unparalleled capabilities.
  • Assured Quality and Compliance:

    You can rely on us to maintain consistent safety, regulatory, and performance standards for all our products.
  • Protected Innovation:

    We ensure the security of your intellectual property, regardless of whether your loudspeaker is manufactured in the USA or Asia.

Beyond Manufacturing: A Complete Audio Journey

MISCO goes beyond traditional manufacturing to provide complete audio solutions. Our end-to-end approach integrates design, prototyping, and production with amplifiers, digital signal processors, enclosures, and speakers. This holistic approach eliminates inefficiencies and ensures the success of your project without compromising on quality or cost-effectiveness in today’s dynamic market.

Tailored Service for Every Need

MISCO offers various manufacturing services, including build-to-print manufacturing, design, and engineering support. Our team of seasoned industry experts is dedicated to providing precision in every detail, from conceptual sketches to production-ready designs. We use the finest Klippel acoustic analysis tools in North America, and our capabilities extend from magnetic modeling to transducer and acoustical simulations. With our expertise, we promise to ensure that your product embodies excellence in every detail.

Choose MISCO for an Unparalleled Audio Experience

With MISCO, you’re not just choosing a speaker manufacturer; you’re partnering with a leader in audio innovation committed to your project’s success. Let’s transform your audio concepts into reality with unmatched expertise and dedication.

Ready To Upgrade your Audio Capabilities?

Elevate your audio capabilities with MISCO’s unrivaled audio solutions. As industry pioneers, our legacy of innovation and excellence ensures that every project achieves acoustic perfection. With MISCO, you access a symphony of services tailored to transcend your auditory expectations.

Your Sonic Vision, Realized with MISCO Expertise

Share your vision, and let our experts design a bespoke audio solution that harmonizes with your needs. From immersive home theater systems to robust aerospace audio engineering, MISCO’s precision-crafted soundscapes are your gateway to unparalleled auditory experiences.

Connect with MISCO for Audio Excellence

Take the first step towards transforming your sound aspirations into reality. Contact us today to uncover how MISCO’s leading-edge sound solutions can amplify your project's success. Call us at (800) 276-9955 or fill out this form to begin your journey to audio excellence. With MISCO, experience the harmony of innovation and tradition, where every note matters.