Mission-Critical Audio:

Tailored Mil-Spec Solutions for Military Applications

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Comprehensive Range for Diverse Military Needs

Our portfolio encompasses a wide array of products, from blast-resistant models to specialized loudspeakers designed for the unique acoustical challenges of submarines. Each product, including our Mil-spec and NSN-certified models, adheres to the most stringent military standards, underscoring our commitment to quality, dependability, and long-term support. Our offerings are a testament to our expertise in providing sound solutions that meet the complex and varied needs of military applications.

Advanced System Solutions for Military Operations

Beyond individual speakers, MISCO offers comprehensive audio system solutions that integrate advanced amplification, custom enclosures, digital signal processing, and wiring harnesses. Tailored to the specific requirements of military operations, our solutions range from leveraging existing designs to fully customized, build-to-spec setups. Manufactured in the USA, our products are synonymous with top-notch quality and consistent performance, ensuring rapid availability. We uphold the same standards of excellence in our offshore sourcing options, providing a global reach with local precision.

Supporting Military Efficiency and Objectives

Our aim is to enhance the efficiency of your manufacturing processes and extend the lifecycle of your products. With an extensive inventory managed through a Kanban stocking system, we guarantee the availability of necessary components at all times. Our flexible order sizing meets your unique requirements, embodying our commitment to align with your performance standards and business goals. By partnering with us, you gain access to solutions that not only fulfill but exceed your expectations, driving forward your military objectives with superior audio technology.

Elevate Your Military Applications with Superior Sound

In the quest for military-grade audio solutions that offer unmatched performance, durability, and reliability, MISCO stands as your ideal partner. Contact us to explore how our tailored solutions can revolutionize your military applications, ensuring operational success through enhanced auditory communication.

Detail of a soldier's tactical vest featuring an attached communication device with a PTT button and headset connector.

Featured Products

This all-weather, ultra-lightweight speaker is optimized for voice or alarm applications in demanding military settings. Its lightweight design, coupled with moisture-resistant components, makes it perfect for use in humid or variable environments. The robust piezoelectric driver ensures reliable high-power handling, making it an excellent choice for specialized applications, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) rooms.

  • 100 watts, program power
  • High impedance, approximately 1000 ohms.
  • Includes screw-down grille with built in windscreen
  • Structural corrosion-proof plastic structure
  • Treated phenolic surround
  • The only piezo speaker manufactured in North America

Designed for tough duty in military communications, this ruggedized speaker combines durability with clear voice transmission. Built to Mil-DTL-12606 standards, it features a die-cast aluminum frame, phenolic-impregnated cone, and a meta-aramid laminate voice coil form, ensuring reliability in the harshest conditions.

  • Die cast aluminum design
  • NSN 5965-008-923665
  • Built & tested; IAW MIL-DTL-12606
  • Phenolic-impregnated cone and dust cap
  • Meta-aramid laminate, voice coil form
  • Includes separate rubber gasket and steel front screen

Engineered for clear speech communication in submarines, this speaker doubles as a microphone for two-way conversations. Its construction is designed to withstand various pressure conditions and provides protection against sea exposure, making it an essential tool for underwater communication.

  • 10 Watts, program power with 96 SPL
  • Over two pounds of High Energy Plus (HE+) Alnico Magnets
  • Highly corrosion-resistant brass & Monel steel body
  • Phenolic-impregnated cloth cone, surround, & cap
  • Copper-wound Lamitex voice coil
  • Output as a microphone - 0.1 volts with 16 ohms load and 100 dB sound pressure level 775-125 cps

In addition to these products, MISCO continues to innovate, developing new solutions that address the evolving challenges of military audio requirements. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the nuances of military operations, MISCO is your trusted partner in delivering sound solutions that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of military communications.

Optimize Your Mission with Superior Military Audio Solutions from MISCO

Command with confidence using the unmatched audio quality of MISCO’s military-specific sound systems. Our range of rugged, high-performance speakers and audio solutions is engineered to meet the demanding standards of military operations, ensuring clear and reliable communication in any environment.

Your Strategic Advantage in Military Audio, Engineered by MISCO

Begin your journey to auditory excellence with MISCO. Share your specifications for the ideal military audio solution, and let our expertise in mil-spec audio design bring your vision to life. Whether you need advanced communication speakers, durable outdoor audio systems, or specialized military-grade sound solutions, MISCO is your ally in achieving acoustic precision and operational superiority.

Connect with MISCO for Military Audio Excellence

Contact us to discover how MISCO’s cutting-edge military audio solutions can enhance your operational effectiveness and mission success. Call us at (800) 276-9955 or complete the form below to start a conversation about your military audio needs. With MISCO, experience sound that’s as resilient and reliable as the forces it serves.