Revolutionizing Museum Soundscapes: The SH Acoustics and MISCO Partnership

MISCO Speakers

"We came to MISCO through a manufacturer in North Dakota... and they basically said, 'If you want somebody that can produce something very reliable, that is going to be to your spec—they can tweak it, adjust it, whatever they need to—you need to go to MISCO.'"

Steve Haas, CEO of SH Acoustics

Why Did SH Acoustics Choose MISCO?

SH Acoustics chose MISCO for its expertise in creating custom, high-quality audio solutions that meet rigorous performance standards. MISCO's transducers are reliable and durable, which is essential for SH Acoustics' innovative sound installations. The ability to customize transducers to specific requirements and the strategic partnership in maintaining quality were crucial. Additionally, MISCO's commitment to manufacturing in the USA ensures consistent, top-tier products, making them an ideal partner for projects that demand excellence and reliability.

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"The reliability, the durability, the quality, and the form factor of these transducers … means we can basically do these kinds of applications with just a little bit of room. Trying to find a speaker that can produce the range, frequency response, in just a hair over an inch, of this good quality … with the broad dispersion on top of it, it just doesn't exist."

Steve Haas, CEO of SH Acoustics

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