How ToneSpeak Transformed Little Walter Amps

MISCO Speakers

"I could not believe [the Austin 1250]. I'm talking 20% to 25% improvement on speakers I was already in love with."

Phil Bradbury, Little Walter Amps

About the Case Study

This case study details how ToneSpeak's high-quality guitar speakers transformed the iconic sound of Little Walter Amps. The guide explores the partnership between Phil Bradbury, the creator of Little Walter, and the engineers at ToneSpeak. It examines the technical innovations, the challenges that were overcome, and the impact on renowned musicians such as Robben Ford and Paul Franklin.

Robben Ford 59

"... when I go to the Little Walter with the ToneSpeak speakers—I'm getting a rainbow of tone. It's so much wider, so many colors there. There's no competition."

Robben Ford, Electric Guitarist

What is ToneSpeak?

ToneSpeak speakers, a MISCO brand, are designed by musicians for musicians, combining decades of engineering expertise with a passion for superior sound. Our speakers undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality and reliability, making them the top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Trusted by legendary artists like Robben Ford, ToneSpeak speakers deliver unparalleled clarity, depth, and richness in every note. Our ToneSpeak line of electric guitar and bass speakers is the result of innovation, precision, and a commitment to excellence that will enhance musical experiences.

"I put my life's work into these amplifiers. To have a speaker that gives me the same warm fuzzies that my amplifier does, that just takes away all the stress out of my life when it comes to the end product."

Phil Bradbury, Little Walter Amps

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