Improve School Safety and Communication with MISCO Speakers

MISCO Speakers

"MISCO was really nice because they helped us maximize the volume and maximize the frequency response. We liked the speaker so much that we ended up going with MISCO for a second product line of ours that has much higher sales."

Greg Coonley, President and CEO at Wahsega

Why Wahsega Chose MISCO Speakers

Wahsega partnered with MISCO to enhance their school communication systems, leveraging MISCO's capacity to provide high-quality, tailored audio solutions. MISCO's expertise in engineering and prototyping enabled the rapid development and improvement of Wahsega's horn loudspeakers, resulting in exceptional frequency response and volume. In addition, MISCO's commitment to testing every unit guarantees consistent quality, essential for creating long-lasting, durable products. The reliability of American manufacturing also offers improved control over design and production processes, crucial for ensuring quality and efficiency, ultimately leading to time and cost savings for companies.


"When you can build in America you can control both the design and manufacturing process. You can take an off-the-shelf part, customize it for a customer, and control the recipe. And Greg can visit the MISCO factory any day he wants, he doesn’t have to travel to the other side of the world."

Dan Digre, President and CEO of MISCO

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