The Partnership Behind the RMS One: Concierge Audio and MISCO

MISCO Speakers

"One of the key things about MISCO for us is the synergy of having all their services under one roof. They can work with us in terms of making tweaks to the driver or any other request right there."

Jeff Kussard, Head of Operations at Concierge Audio

Why Did Concierge Audio Choose MISCO?

Concierge Audio chose MISCO as a partner for creating the RMS One luxury speakers due to MISCO's comprehensive audio manufacturing capabilities in the USA. MISCO offered a seamless synergy with all their services under one roof, allowing for real-time tweaks and adjustments. Their advanced testing facilities, including the Klippel Near Field Scanner, ensured precise sound profiling and quality control. MISCO's commitment to rigorous testing and American-made quality aligned perfectly with Concierge Audio's standards for creating high-performance, luxury audio products.

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"We had a group of about 12 to 14 people who’ve been in the [audio] industry for all of their lives. So I expected them to come in somewhat jaded, if not skeptical. However, everybody was just blown away when they heard them."

Jeff Kussard, Head of Operations at Concierge Audio

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