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MISCO Speakers

"...MISCO emerged as the ideal fit for our needs. Their competitive pricing, manufacturing capabilities, and the personal rapport established during face-to-face meetings were pivotal in our decision-making process."

Justin Georgilas, CEO of Yfageo Technologies

Why Did Yfageo Choose MISCO?

Yfageo Technologies chose MISCO as their audio partner after an extensive search for a company that could meet their high sound quality and innovation standards. MISCO was the ideal choice due to its competitive pricing, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and proven record of delivering exceptional audio solutions. The personal rapport established during face-to-face meetings further solidified this partnership. MISCO's expertise in addressing the unique acoustic challenges of the bustling casino environment and its ability to provide a custom, compact sound system that delivered exceptional audio quality were pivotal in Yfageo's decision. The comprehensive support and training offered by MISCO's team ensured that Yfageo could achieve and maintain the desired auditory experience for their gaming machines, making MISCO the clear choice for their audio needs.


"The level of support we receive from MISCO is truly exceptional. They consistently demonstrate a proactive approach, readily deploying engineers to address any issues that arise. Their responsiveness is of paramount importance to us."

Justin Georgilas, CEO of Yfageo Technologies

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