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MISCO provides reliable and innovative audio solutions tailored for healthcare applications, delivering precise and high-quality audio output for various medical settings.

In the rapidly advancing field of medical technology, MISCO stands out as a leading provider of reliable and innovative audio solutions tailored for healthcare applications. Our speakers, designed specifically for medical devices, deliver precise and high-quality audio output, making them indispensable in various medical settings. From enhancing patient care with dependable alerts and alarms in respiratory ventilators and patient monitors to providing clear sound in ultrasound machines, MISCO's audio solutions are integral to medical processes.

Why Choose MISCO for Your Healthcare Audio Needs?

As a USA-based pioneer in audio solutions for healthcare, MISCO boasts over 75 years of legacy in the industry. We offer unparalleled audio performance through our ready-to-deploy solutions, backed by premier testing facilities, assured quality, compliance with medical standards, and intellectual property protection. Our commitment to excellence in medical audio technology makes us a preferred partner for healthcare providers.
MISCO provides tailored audio solutions for medical equipment manufacturers globally, adhering to high standards of clinical excellence.

Customized Audio Solutions Tailored to Medical Needs

At MISCO, we excel in crafting tailored audio solutions to meet the specific requirements of medical equipment manufacturers. Whether it's a unique set of specifications or fast turnaround times, our expertise and agility ensure we meet your demands with precision. Operating globally, we support your business with holistic audio system solutions, including individual speakers, integrated systems with amplification, digital signal processing (DSP), custom enclosures, and wiring harnesses designed to integrate seamlessly into your medical consoles. Adhering to the highest standards of clinical excellence, we guarantee long-term reliability and performance.

MISCO provides high-quality medical audio products, with flexible ordering options, offshore sourcing, and a Kanban system for reliable stock availability, consistently exceeding expectations.

Shipping & Stocking of Medical Audio Products

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, American-made medical audio products with a focus on consistency, performance, and swift availability. Our extensive inventory and flexible ordering system are designed to support your manufacturing needs, ensuring sustainability and efficiency. With MISCO's signature quality, we also provide offshore sourcing options. Our diverse product range is designed to enhance your manufacturing process and extend the longevity of your products, supported by a Kanban system for reliable stock availability. Aligning with your performance standards and business objectives, MISCO delivers solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

MISCO provides end-to-end audio solutions for the medical sector, including design, prototyping, production, and tailored services, with a commitment to excellence and innovation.

The MISCO Advantage in Medical Audio Engineering

Our end-to-end approach integrates design, prototyping, and production services, including amplifiers, digital signal processors, enclosures, and speakers, to provide complete audio solutions for the medical sector. Our tailored services, such as build-to-print manufacturing, design, and engineering support, are handled by seasoned experts dedicated to ensuring excellence in every detail. Partner with MISCO for a commitment to innovation and success in your medical audio projects.

Customized Solutions

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MISCO Advantage

Featured Products

This 8-ohm medical ventilator speaker is ideal for signal/alarm applications, providing reliable audio signals for critical clinical devices. Its compact design and durable construction ensure seamless integration and dependable performance.
  • 2 inch x 3.5 inch (50 mm x 90 mm) diameter
  • Voice communications speaker
  • 8 ohms, 6 watts, 82 dB SPL
  • 0.75-inch voice coil, 10-inch lead set
  • Neodymium magnet, steel basket
  • Paper cone & surround
A versatile, wide-range speaker designed for comprehensive audio applications, from voice communication to alarm systems in medical environments, offering clear and consistent sound quality.
  • Wide range speaker
  • 2 inch (50 mm) basket diameter
  • 3 watts, 8 ohms, 84 dB SPL
  • 1-inch copper voice coil, paper former
  • Shielded ferrite magnet, stamped steel basket
  • Paper cone, cloth surround
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this durable speaker is perfect for entry intercoms and equipment alarms, providing clear communication and lasting performance in various clinical settings.
  • Voice range speaker
  • 2 inch (50 mm) basket diameter
  • 1 watt, 8 ohms, 88 dB SPL
  • 0.6 inch copper voice coil, paper former
  • Shielded alnico magnet, stamped steel basket
  • Mylar cone & surround

Enhance Your Medical Audio Capabilities with MISCO’s Advanced Sound Solutions

Elevate patient care and medical device performance with the exceptional audio quality of MISCO’s healthcare audio solutions. Our range of custom-engineered, high-precision speakers and audio systems brings clarity and reliability to medical environments, ensuring critical communications and alerts are delivered with unparalleled accuracy.

Your Ideal Medical Audio Solution, Engineered by MISCO

Begin your journey to audio excellence in healthcare with us. Share your specifications for the perfect medical audio system, and let our experts design and deliver solutions that meet the exacting demands of the medical field. Whether you need specialized speakers for medical devices or comprehensive audio systems for healthcare facilities, MISCO is your dedicated partner in achieving acoustic precision and reliability.

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