Turning Your Audio Vision into Reality: MISCO's Bespoke Audio Solutions

With over 75 years of expertise, MISCO stands at the forefront of audio innovation, working collaboratively to transform ambitious concepts into superior, enduring audio products. Based in Minnesota, our team utilizes state-of-the-art facilities to deliver an unparalleled customer experience – from initial vision to precision execution. Our dedication to continuous evolution pushes us to set new benchmarks in audio quality and responsive customer service daily. At MISCO, we believe innovation and long-term partnerships drive success.

Your Partner in Audio Excellence


Leveraging decades of industry leadership, MISCO’s experts thrive on tailoring bespoke audio solutions to harmonize with diverse requirements and environments. Our cutting-edge prototyping and exhaustive testing processes are the forge where your acoustic goals are meticulously crafted into reality. Choosing MISCO gives you access to exclusive advantages – from nuanced acoustic design to seamless integration – within your budget.

Our comprehensive design philosophy covers every component, from enclosure to electronics, to achieve balanced, pristine sound. We deliver reliable, immersive audio experiences through tireless innovation and artful craftsmanship. Let us guide your project from concept sketch to sound masterpiece, with MISCO as your trusted partner at each stage.

We Are Great Listeners

Custom project success starts with excellent communication and taking the best step-by-step process for you. Tell us about your needs, or ask us what it would take to get your project up and running. 


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